While writing the other day it came to my attention that I do not have as good of a vocabulary that I once thought. I know many words but there is always more to learn. I have just started to visit thesaurus.com everyday to learn a new word. My mind is not as acute as … Continue reading Diction


Not all are adept in the art of improvisation. Normally when one hears the word improvise one might think of a stand up comedian, or the show “Who’s line is it anyways?” Improvisation isn’t just a vocal practice, it can be used in writing as well. As it occurred to me while writing the other day, … Continue reading Improvisation


The natural progression of writing is extremely important when it comes to any type writing assignment or project. It can either make the passage easy to read, or it can make it difficult to follow. Transitions are key in this aspect of writing. If one can naturally and smoothly transition their audience into their next … Continue reading Flow

Ambition of Success

Rather recently it has come to my attention that a friend of mine has spent the past 2 and half years following his dreams. It started out when he helped create a band called Alchemy, now they are called Vinyl Theatre. They are blowing up and are touring the country, signed to a label called … Continue reading Ambition of Success


Of all the characteristics a writer could have, persistence is one the most important. I have ran into dead ends and been a victim of writer’s block more times that I can remember. We all make mistakes and we all hit a wall sometimes but it is important to keep on pushing through. It can … Continue reading Persistance

Taking My Time

As far as pointing out the obvious, taking one’s time while writing is vastly important for so many reasons. One reason is because when one procrastinates they don’t have ample time to revise and revamp their work. This results in a poor 1st draft when it could have been so much better, making the final draft so … Continue reading Taking My Time


Personally I have always valued time that I can spend alone. Times like these are when I can truly sit back and reflect on many things in life. I’ve found that this is especially helpful when I am writing a piece of work as well. Whether it is a song or an essay for school. … Continue reading Solitude